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We are pleased to offer our award winning gluten free bases as an alternative for any pizza on our menu. Made on premise daily, our gluten free bases are carefully baked for perfect texture and taste
At Patrick Jane’s Gourmet Pizza Bar, we are proud to announce that we have joined together with The Gluten Free Registry to ensure our counter; wait and kitchen staff are fully trained and adhere to strict handling guidelines to prevent contamination.  PJ’s Gluten Free dough has been approved for consumption by Celiac customers. (also note all ingredients offered in store excluding some cheese types are suitable for Celiac's customers' consumption.)

For your convenience, PJ’s offers two size Gluten Free pies – a personal size approx. 9″ square & a medium pie 9″ x 18″ which is big enough for 2 people to share and can be ordered with 2 combinations of pie choices.  Talk to any member of our staff to learn to ensure everything you order is gluten free.

PJ's House made Gluten Free Flour contains: Potato starch, Rice Flour, Cornstarch, Soy Flour, Egg Yolk, Salt, Olive Oil, Yeast and Sugar

Have you enjoyed our gluten-free menu items?Click here to share a review with fellow gluten-free diners at the Gluten Free Registry.

Gluten Free Desserts - we always have an offering of fresh GF sweets such as our GF Melting Moments - a butter shortbread cookie from Australia with a vanilla butter cream and house made GF Chocolate Chop cookies. we always have GF desserts, see some of our previous offerings!

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