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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bistro Specials


FRIED BRIE – Ever so rich and gooey brie cheese cut into bite sized pieces, coated and fried and served along with a house made, Chambord infused, (raspberry liquor) raspberry coulis for dipping, comes with 7 pieces. $8.95

DEEP FRIED BRUSSELS SPROUTS – this mouthwatering crisp brussels sprouts dish is the perfect meal starter, deep fried and tossed with bacon served with a Cayenne pepper aioli dipping sauce - $6.95


REUBEN - Freshly sliced corned beef piled high on fresh marble rye slathered in 1000 Island dressing and topped with sauerkraut, served with a pickle and fries - $10.95



Fresh caught in N.C. waters cut into 6 – 7 oz. steaks, marinated in a soy and ginger mixture Caribbean style with garlic and other gluten free ingredients. Grilled to perfection and glazed with the same marinade while grilling. Comes served watermelon habanero salsa and house seasoned rice & grilled asparagus - (Swordfish is a firm steak like textured fish with a very mild flavor, not too fishy) 


FOUR CHEESE TORTELLINI – served with a creamy gorgonzola sauce served with toasted Crostini’s and a FREE side Garden or Caesar salad - $14.95


MEDITERRANEAN – garlic, mozzarella, shaved parmesan, topped with sliced black olives, julienne sundried tomatoes, artichoke, sautéed spinach & local goat cheese, finished with fresh oregano and a parmesan - Lge $26.50 Med- $21.95 Mini- $12.50 GF Med- $24.70 GF Mini- $13.95

LENTEN SPECIAL – mozzarella & asiago cheese, topped with sautéed clams, roasted red peppers & green olives - Lge- $23.95 Med- $19 Mini- $10.75 GF Med- $22.75 GF Mini- $13.75


A hearty option for pizza in this cold spell we are having. In this inverted style of a Sicilian pizza, the cheese sits below the sauce for a lighter fluffier dough. With Mozzarella sitting on the dough, topped with sauce, Sicilian seasoning, and then a dusting of Pecorino on top, this crunchy fluffy pizza is sure to warm your belly. $19.95 (feel free to add any toppings you typically like for an additional cost.)

​​Cocktail Special

BLUEBERRY GARDEN MULE – Vodka muddled with fresh mint, blueberries and cucumber, fresh lime juice and topped with local Quingerbeer and garnished with a lime wedge & blueberries $8.50